Are you ready?


As we move towards another bright and cheerful holiday season, it begs the question are you ready? The last two years have put the community through whirlwinds with pandemic and political jargon. This has shifted mindset away from enjoying positive times that one would normally be elated to celebrate in most common scenarios. 

This year I vote that we change. Change for the better. Lets shift our mindset away from what we can not control and move forward. Greet the seasons with happiness and joy rather than stress and anxiety. Holiday seasons bring family together and often kindle friendships that sparkle. 

I write this blog on October 23rd 2021 to start a new chapter for all of my friends, family and those who happen to stumble upon my page this year. We will move into the cooler weather with a smile and a glimmer of hope. Hope for happiness and hope for joy. 

From this moment on, I challenge you! I challenge you to get back to some of the things you love! Go outside and enjoy the fall weather. Meet a friend for a coffee on a chilly morning. Start a warm toasty bonfire in the backyard with your family and snuggle up in a warm blanket. Sit by the fireplace while reading a good book! While writing you these things, a smile comes across my face and I hope on yours too. 

I look forward to this journey with you as I plan to continue this blog with ways to lift your mood, shift your mindset and have a stress free holiday season. This brings me to my main question of how? How can I start to shift my mindset away from everyday heaviness? The answer is hidden deep inside of you. 

So, for today I want you to leave this blog entry with a task. Count the blessings that you have in your life currently. Do you have a friend or family member that talking to brings you joy? Think about them. Do you have a pet who loves you dearly? Your heart should be full if you can say yes to this. Do you have a roof over your head and income? This is wonderful it means you are safe and have personal space.  

Leave todays post with something new on your mind and meet me back for my next post! Until then safe travels my friends.